Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canned Green Beans

Have you started canning yet?  Do you can?  I do.  I was taught by my mother who was taught by her mother-in-law, my paternal grandmother.  I have fond memories of canning hundreds of jars of fruits and vegetables.  One of the things we always did a ton of was green beans.  Our kitchen table would be piled at least 2 feet high and we would snap and snap and snap.  All the kids were required to help but by the time we were done we would have about 125 quarts of beans.  I don't can nearly that much but I still love to "put up" vegetables.  Right now I have been canning green beans and pickles (recipe soon to come).
Note:  Green beans need to be canned in a pressure cooker.  Please make sure you are familiar with and have read the instructions for a pressure cooker and that you have had it tested at your local extension agency.

Raw green beans (mine are from my garden but you can get them from a farmer's market.  You will need a lot, I have never actually measured but a grocery sack full will do about 7-8 quarts)
New lids
Canning Jars (they need to have writing on the side to be used in a pressure cooker, cleaned and     sterilized))

1.  Snap off the ends of the beans (as little as possible) and then snap them into bite size pieces.  Do this with all of them.  Rinse them very thoroughly with cold water making sure all the dirt is removed.  Add beans to jars, packing tightly, till they reach the neck of the jar.  Add 1 t. salt to each jar.  Fill each jar with cold water to the neck.  Place a new lid on each jar and put the ring on, screwing tightly.

2.  Put a small amount of water in your pressure cooker, place jars inside.  Put lid on and cook at 10 lbs of pressure for 25 minutes.  Remember:  read your instruction manual because there are several kinds of pressure cookers and each one has different ways to reach 10 lbs of pressure.
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