Friday, April 15, 2011

Chinese Tea Eggs

I seriously can't believe it's almost Easter, let alone the middle of April!!

I looked at the calendar this week and realized how close we were to Easter and thought I better post some of the recipes I have been working on for Easter.

This one was for the kids.  
We started out wanting to make Chinese Tea Eggs but my children didn't think that was "cool" enough.  They said the colors were "boring" so we pulled out the food coloring and made this version.
I thought they looked like bird eggs.  What do you think?  I love how they look like they are breaking out of their shell.  And their veins.  My kids thought that was "awesome"! I say it's a little freaky but hey they loved it.

I do have to admit that I think they look pretty cool, especially the different colors.

Chinese Tea Eggs (aka Bird Eggs)

Hard boiled eggs
Food Dye

1.  After hard boiling your eggs in whatever way you want (I try all sorts of ways and haven't figured out one that's fool proof so use whatever method works for you), gently crack the exterior of the shell.  Try not to make big cracks.  You can also gently crush the shell in your hand.  

2.  Fill the cup up half full (I find my IKEA cups work best) with water and put several drops of food coloring in each cup.  I don't measure, I just let my children drop away.  Place an egg in each cup and let sit overnight.  In the morning peel off the shell and you will have these pretty little things.  Enjoy!

Idea from: Our Best Bites

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