Friday, July 15, 2011

A Fun Giveaway!! (Now Closed)

 Are you an apron person?

I'm not.  GASP!  I know, I know, but I am trying really hard to be especially because I keep ruining my clothes, which just ticks me off even more.  You would think I would learn faster but alas I just don't remember all the time, which means grease spattered clothes.

But this guy that's a different story.
 I think I have shared with you how much my youngest loves to cook and bake.  He is always helping me in the kitchen and his favorite game to play is "cooking".  He makes the food (for pretend in case you were wondering) and then he brings it to me to eat.  I love how his face lights up when he is telling me what he has made.

Here he is cooking "heart pizza".  He is good and always wears his apron, which he loves, and I love it because it is manly, very well made, and so cute.  
And guess who made it for him?


My mom loves to sew and is always making wonderful creations for the grandkids and friends.  She quite good too (I know I'm a little biased but's my mom and's the truth!)

Many people ask her where they can get her creations but she hasn't ever sold them before.  Well now your in luck.  My mom and my sister have teamed up and created a new business.  It's called:
This is how it works, they post one product at a time and supplies are limited. Once gone, a new product will be posted so please check back often.  They will all be homemade and will vary from aprons to owls to jackets to bags.

I think it's a fabulous idea and to help them start they are giving away 2 aprons to my readers.  They look like this one that's on my adorable nephew.
I promise your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews (really whoever) will love it!

To enter this giveaway:
1.  Be a follower of my blog and go visit their blog and sign up for their email.  That way you will always know when a new product is out.
2.  Be a follower of my blog and blog, twitter or facebook about this giveaway.  Make sure you leave a link.
3.  Be a follower of my blog and "like" my facebook page.
4.  Share with your friends my mom and sister's new blog.  Leave a link.

Please leave separate comments for each item that you did.  Thanks!

Winner will be chosen by a random number generator and this giveaway will close Monday, July 18th at midnight.
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