Friday, April 20, 2012

Raspberry Slush

 Sometimes I just get sick of drinking water.

It's not that I hate water (Tara :) because sometimes there is nothing better than a tall, ice cold drink of water.  Plus I am kind of a fanatic about making sure i get my water in everyday.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear this little voice telling me that I have to make up for the diet coke I just drank so then I try to drink twice as much water to flush it out (maybe I should just stop drinking pop but...yep it's the but and I haven't conquered that non pop drinking demon yet!)

But in the mean time when I am sick of water and I trying not to drink a pop I love drinking something with a little flavor!  Lemonades are so perfect on a hot day but this is perfect for a party or a bbq.  I got this fabulous recipe from a good friend and I have loved it since.  Just don't mind all the sugar in there, at least it's the real stuff, and it sure is tasty!!

Raspberry Slush

(click here for printable version)

3 Cherry or Raspberry (or any kind of red flavor) Koolaid packages
4 cups sugar
1 46 ounce pineapple juice
1 12 ounce frozen lemonade
1 package frozen raspeberries
1 2 liter Sprite

*Note: you should make this at least the night before so it has enough time to freeze completely.

1.  In a one gallon container (I just used my pitcher) mix koolaid, sugar, pineapple juice and frozen lemonade until lemonade and sugar is completely dissolved.  This is important, you don't want all the sugar at the bottom so make it is completely mixed in.  Then add enough water so the bring the mixture up to the gallon line on your pitcher.  Stir in frozen raspberries, cover, and freeze 24 hours or overnight.

2.  One and a half hours before serving the drink, remove from freezer and let sit.  Then right before serving, carefully pour mixture into a punch bowl and break up any large chunks.  Pour entire 2 liter of Sprite over mixture, stir, and serve.  Enjoy!
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