Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One of My Favorite Kitchen Tools

When I started this little blog I use to a post about some of my favorite things to use in my kitchen.

Those pictures were pretty horrid (like this one and this one--oh man!) but hey at least we can say that the photography has come a long ways, right!?!

But the tools you use in your kitchen are very important. And because I cook a lot I get quite picky with what I use.

It's like any job, the kitchen tools you use can make the job much easier when you are in your kitchen.
I think the tools I use in my kitchen are pretty great and it makes my day to have things around that are a benefit, but there are definitely some things I have been totally coveting.

A salad spinner is totally one of them.  As we say in our house, they are things that "we want and things that we need".  A salad spinner fit in the category of wanting but man have I been wanting one of those babies for several years now.

Mostly because we tend to eat a lot of salad at our house and I love the way it makes the lettuce so much crispier and crunchy. One of my daughters LOVES salad so it's on the table at least 4-5 times a week.  Because of that I am always rinsing the lettuce and using at least 4 paper towels each time I do, to get all the water off the lettuce. The dressing sticks so much better when all that water is off.
The folks at Zyliss gave me the opportunity to try out some of their kitchen tools and I was way excited. Of course the first thing I picked was a salad spinner. 

And man has it been wonderful.  I have completely loved it. It's amazing the inventions that make our life so much easier. I love that it has a flat top so I can stack other things on top and that I can rinse the lettuce in the bowl I use to spin it around. The kids are fascinated by it and beg to be able to use it.  Perfect! One less chore for this lady.

*I was compensated in product by the good folks at GigaSavvy but the opinions are all my own.
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