About Me

Hi I am so glad you have found my blog.

I L.O.V.E. food and I love to share that with people.  

This love was instilled in me by my mother and growing up in the "wilds" of Idaho on a farm.  I loved my life there and learned how to plant and grow a garden, change lots of sprinkler pipes and tubes, can all our delicious produce, drive a tractor (at least until I almost ran over my dad and he said I wasn't allowed to do that anymore), make some downright tasty bread, raise chickens, feed lots of people (there are 11 in my family--9 kids, 2 adults), pitch ends (it's a boring farming thing I had to do all the time and I hated it), and love the sounds and smells of a kitchen.

I now get to do make all sorts of yummy things for my family--the hubs and 2 boys and 2 girls.  We still live in Idaho, but not on a farm, but almost everything I learned about food came from when I was The Farm Girl.

I hope you stick around.  Sometimes it's a little crazy but hey, who isn't!!??!!

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