Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fools Cupcakes

We LOVE April Fool's Day at our house!!

Every year we always find many ways to trick our kids.  They love it and so do we.

One of my very favorites happened a couple years ago.  My oldest son would walk home from school.  This particular day he was having a friend over to play.  Even better for my plans.  Before he got home I super glued a series of pennies and quarters up our driveway and on our sidewalk.  Then I hid so I could see their reactions.

The moment came and it was absolutely hilarious.  They passed by the first couple coins and then you could literally see both of them suddenly register that there was money on the ground (my son loves getting money--I mean who doesn't!).  They stopped, turned around, found a coin, and started trying to pick it up. 

After many tries (and me laughing hysterically) they moved onto a new one and tried that one.  When that didn't work it dawned on them that it was a joke.  I jumped out of my hiding place and had a great laugh with them.  Oh it still makes me smile to remember the fun!!

Some of our other favorites were raisins in the toothpaste, clear gelatin in the toilet bowl (kinda gross but awesome for a boy), fake spiders hanging out in your bed, and teeny, tiny food for dinner.

This year I thought I would try something different.  My two daughters favorite meal is spaghetti so this was perfect for them.  I had them all ready for when they came home for school.

I told them on the way home that I had spaghetti and meatballs ready for them.  My oldest yelled, "Yes!" and hopped out and ran in the house.  I came in while she was looking completely confused and touching "meatballs" to see if they were real.  I gleefully yelled, "April Fools!!" and laughed to my hearts content.  Oh the fun!!!

I know it's a couple days early but hey never too early for some fun.  What pranks are you playing this year?

First up: Spaghetti and Meatballs

1.  Using small round tip on your piping bag (or a large zip-lock with the end cut off-very small) squeeze out some buttercream frosting.  Just kinda let your hand twirl slowly around the cupcake and it will naturally form noodles.

2.  For the meatballs, buy some Ferrerro Rocher chocolates (in the candy isle at the store) and dunk them in some raspberry jelly and set them on top of the noodles.  You can also drizzle some down the side.  If you made a whole plate of these they look very real.

Next: Corn on the Cob

1.  Frost your cupcake with some buttercream frosting and using yellow jelly bellies lay them all over the top.  Add a pat of butter by shaping a yellow starburst or laffy taffy.  Add some salt and pepper (white and black sprinkles).  Then stick in some corn holders and eat up!

Source: Best Bites
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