Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Ideas

Are your costumes ready for the big day?

The kids costumes are all put together, the trunk is ready (our church is doing a trunk-or-treat), and the goodies are all made for the 3 parties we are scheduled to attend.


Now I feel like I can move on to the rest of the things on my list.  Yep I'm a list person and I am so much more less stressed out when I have everything written down.
Speaking (or writing) of that, I always try to have some fun things to make on my to do list.  Some are new (I will be sharing those later) and some are old favorites.  Here is what we have been making lately.

We love caramel apples.  Especially dipping them in all the candy that is around this year.  Every year my apples get a lot cuter and this year I used this tutorial and they turned out better than ever.  Plus this caramel recipe works fantastic for these beauties.

To make them more fun, we stuck sticks from the backyard in the top.  The kids thought that was pretty awesome.
Another thing we always make this time of year is sugar cookies.

I LOVE, L.O.V.E., this recipe.

I have tried so many others, but my Grandma's is amazing and I always go back to hers.

This year we made mummies (or as my 4 year old calls them: mommies).
The kids loved them--I think it's the extra frosting.  We used chocolate chips for the eyes to make it super easy and a flat tip for the ribbons and wallah! delicious, cute mummies.
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