Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creamy Pasta Salad

Summer's coming and personally I am looking forward to it especially because it has rained for the past two days and then blew like crazy for the week before that.  My poor garden hasn't been attended to for days and the weeds are loving it.  So in honor of hoping the sun will come out a little more I  made this pasta salad, hoping for good vibes.

13 oz. penne pasta
1 c. carrotts, chopped
1 c. baby tomatoes, sliced lengthwise
1 c. cucumber, chopped
1c. yellow bell pepper, chopped
1 c. monterrey jack cheese, cubed
1/2 c. paremsan cheese
1 1/2 c. creamy italian dressing
(optional ingredients: garbonzo beans, snow peas, asparagus, zuchinni, celery, mushrooms, artichoke hearts)

*  Cook pasta according to directions or till the tenderness you desire.  Drain and rinse thoroughly with cold water.  Place in large bowl.  Add 1 c. of italian dressing and stir.  Cover bowl and refrigerate for atleast 2 hours.

* Remove from fridge and add all the vegetables you want, cheeses and more dressing until it reaches the taste I desire.  (Sometimes I keep it really simple so my children will eat it but other times I add as much as possible, because the veggies are my favorite part) 
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