Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!

Two years ago yesterday, I wrote my very first post.  Grandma's Apple Crisp.  (I would encourage you to click on the link and look how vastly improved my pictures are--you know just to make me feel better :)

A lot of you are recent addition to my blog (like in the past 6 months) but some of you have been with me since the beginning.  You guys are all awesome!  But because a lot of you are new, I thought I would share some random facts with you about me and about my blog.

First, this is my family.
Aren't they so cute!  This is our most recent family picture and now you can put my name with a face--I know, I know I don't share many family or personal pictures with you.  I just don't like seeing myself all the time :)

I started this blog as a side hobby mostly because I would get at least 2 phone calls a week asking for specific recipes.  I hate writing down recipes so I thought most people did too and hence this blog.  Now I can always say, "It's on my blog".  After a year of blogging I decided I would get serious about it and really try to make it what I wanted it to be.  I think it has greatly improved since then.

I have taught myself almost everything to do with this blog.  I use to be computer illiterate but now I can safely say that I know how to do techy, geeky things--well at least most things.  I would love to learn how to design my blog from scratch.  Maybe some time I will get around to that.

I have a facebook page.  Some of you have found it already.  Thanks for "liking" me.  It's something I have resisted for years.  Seriously I don't even have a facebook page for myself.  My sisters think I'm crazy because even my mom has one.  Oh well I have enough to do plus I know when my oldest gets a page I will have to get one too so I can keep tabs on him :)

I don't consider myself as that important in the blogging world, yet.  I always tell my husband that I know I have made it big when I receive my first mean comment.  That doesn't mean I want one and please don't leave one--I am loving all the nice comments you guys give.  You  are the best!

I have two dreams for my house.  A kitchen with an island and a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves.  Heaven.

Do you wonder how much money I make from my blog?  I do!  Then I figure it out and it's so pathetic--like 3 cents an hour pathetic.  I'm really not kidding so feel free to click on the ad at the top--shameless I know!

I love diet coke.  I've told you that before but the saddest thing happened (maybe I should be grateful but...).  I did a 3 week cleanse in September--which meant no sugar which really meant no diet coke-- and now my stomach hurts terribly when I drink one.  Darn it!

I believe in butter and hardly ever use any kind of shortening.  We go through an average of 10lbs a month.  Much more in the fall when it's holiday season but I think I should buy some share in my dairy companies or maybe just buy me a cow (I've joked with my husband about that but he doesn't find it very funny).

Speaking of cows, one day I am going to have laying hens in my backyard.  I love fresh eggs.

Okay enough about me here are the top 5 recipes in the history of my blog:
2.   Cookie Dough Brownies (via my sister Emily)

And a huge shout out to Whipperberry who has sent the most traffic my way in the past two years.  Thanks Heather!

And a huge shout out to all my readers.  You guys are amazing.  Thanks for coming back and visiting and for all your sweet comments!

I will be posting a fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe on Friday and I would love you to vote for it so I can win.
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