Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Party

Did your high school choir come around and give out those singing cheesy valentines? Or on Valentine's Day in every class period there was at least 3 girls that got called to the office because "someone" had sent them roses or balloons or both.

My high school was like that, every year!  As a teenager I always hated this time of year.  My parents would always make it special for us--crepes for breakfast, a special treat and a valentine--but as a teenager that just doesn't cut it.  

I wanted all those things from a cute boy, a secret admirer, or frankly anyone!  I wanted roses and balloons to show up for me at the office so I could show-off walk around with them and have everyone see what I had gotten.  Sadly to say that never happened for me (and if I  have to admit a lot of other girls at school too, but hey, this is my blog!) I am sounding pretty pathetic!  I promise I do have a point though.  Now that I am married to a wonderful man that is romantic and has brought me flowers many times, I want to make sure that my daughters don't hate this time of year.  Which is why I decided to have a party for them and their school friends.

At our school, we don't have Valentines Parties so we decided to have one at our house.  My girls were so excited!  We made fun invitations:
Dressed everything up super fancy and gorgeous:

And had some super yummy food:
 Valentine Oreo Pops
 Delicious Cupcakes--recipe coming soon
and lots of candy--pink and red kisses, animal cookies, heart shaped mints, and conversation hearts.

We had so much fun playing games, exchanging Valentines, and eating!  Here is the crowd showing off their super silly faces:
I hope you have a wonderful Valentines and that you make something yummy!

And maybe you will get some roses or balloons from a cute boy or secret admirer :)

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