Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Menu Plan Ideas

As I said the other day, since the almost 8 year old's birthday is on Sunday and it's almost Easter she gets to pick our dinner menu.

That means I don't have to plan anything super elaborate which I love.  This year seems to fly by and every holiday has just snuck up on me (maybe it's because I am in charge of planning camp for 100 teenage girls this year and we are in the thick of planning right now!!)

But in case you need any last minute ideas for your Easter festivities, here are some of our favorites from previous years.
These Chinese Tea Eggs was a super fun thing to do with the kids.  They loved how they turned out
 These Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes and Good Luck Potatoes have been favorites and they reappear in our menu frequently.

 Ahhh....rolls.  No fancy dinner is complete without the rolls.  The Fancy Dinner Rolls (above) has been a favorite since childhood and these Garlic Knots are also always a huge hit.
 And of course you have to have the Deviled Eggs.  One of my favorite things, especially if you add bacon. delicious!

 These pork recipes are at the top of our list.  Pineapple Chipotle Ham and I love the pork chop idea because it can all be thrown in the crockpot while you work on everything else.  My son absolutely adores these porkchops!

Mint Juleps (non-alcoholic) is so delicious, especially as the weather warms up.  And if your looking for a homemade version of Jello, this was delicious.
 Dessert is the focus at our house.  Okay I admit it, it's the focus for me.  I love choosing what to make and get so excited to do it.  These are some of our past favorites:
 Lime Cheesecake with Blackberry Sauce
Glazed Lemon Bars 
 Cream Puffs
Cinnabon Popcorn 
 Buttermilk Cake, which we serve as Strawberry Shortcake, and is absolutely divine.
And if you have any of those delicious Cadbury Mini Eggs left, these cookies are some of my favorites.

Hope your Easter is wonderful and you have some delicious food!
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